Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fan Site Owners: Make Money With Your Celebrities


We do love our celebrities. Witness the popularity
of magazines like People, the entertainment shows
like Entertainment Tonight,, and of
course the entertainment bloggers. They do seem
to have a way of being first with the gossip. To name
a few, Celebrity Smack, The Gossipist, Just Jared,
Perez Hilton, Pink Is The New Blog and Young, Black
& Fabulous!

I'll even confess to softening up toward Brad & Angelina.
That was entirely the bloggers doing. Hope Angie thanks me.

Then we have the unofficial fan sites. These websites
and blogs are created and maintained by the most
dedicated bunch of people you'll find anywhere.
They even find the time to moderate forums. That's

The one thing I've noticed with the websites and
blogs are the Adsense ads. These ads are placed
on their sites by Google. The ads relate in some
way to the site's content. If their visitors click
on one of these ads, the owner makes money.

Attention all fan site owners and bloggers. In
addition to monetizing your site with Adsense,
now there is another way. And, this one is huge!

Think about this for a second. What's one thing
the fans want? Products relating to their celebrity.
Memorabilia, CDs, DVDs, clothing, perfume, etc.
It's a long list.

What if you, the fan site owner, could offer the fans
this merchandise? Would you be interested? And,
where is the one place you can find everything relating
to your star? At eBay!

And what if I could show you how to affiliate with the
#1 e-commerce site in the world to bring all those goodies
to your visitors? How popular do you think your website
or blog would be then?'re seeing the picture.

If you'd like to see an example of what I'm talking about
and check out what a fan of Snoop Dogg has accomplished,
I'm sure your mind will be swimming with possibilities.
Heck, this gets me so excited I feel like starting a fan site
myself. Brangelina?

Here's to star-gazing!